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5-Point Windshield Checklist (+ Bonus At The End)

The windshields is the barrier between you and the wind, stone chips, bugs, and weather. Did you also know that it can also prevent your vehicle’s roof from collapsing in a collision? The windshields are critical to the safety of you and your passengers.

Now that we recognize the importance of the Windshield, Here are 6 things to do to keep your windshields clean, safe, and effective. We’ve put up a six-point checklist to help you keep your car’s windshields in great condition.


#1: Check On Your Windshield Wipers

The windshield wipers come into contact with the windshield frequently. Because of this, it’s critical to inspect them on a regular basis for flaking rubber and corroded metal. The majority of manufacturers suggest changing them every six months. Make it a habit to look at them every time you change your oil or every three months, and if you notice any damage, or them being worn out, replace them.

Windshield wipers are easy to change and are inexpensive. You can find them at your local auto parts store or online. Be sure to check your owner’s manual on the specific type and size of wiper blade that is the right fit for your vehicle.


#2: Why You Should Use A Plastic Ice Scraper

Some Vehicle owners use a Metal Ice Scraper to remove ice from their vehicles during the winter. This is a terrible idea! You don’t want metal near your car’s windows (this is why you should replace wiper blades before the rubber gets worn) as it’s really easy to cause scratches when goes back and forth with bare metal. Replace any metal scraper with a plastic one to protect your windshields and vehicle as a whole.


#3: Keep the Windshield Clean

When your car’s windshield is dirty, the wipers must work twice as hard to clean it, which can result in increased wear and tear of the rubber, worn wipers expose metal that scrapes against the glass. Take your car for a wash to clean your windshield or clean it gently at home using a store-bought glass cleaner.


#4: Fill-up on Washer Fluid

Keep your washer fluid reservoir full so that your vehicle’s windshields wipers can sweep away the dirt on your windshields. Wipers that are in motion without wiper fluid can grind dirt into the glass, causing damage.


#5: Repair Chips and Cracks Right Away

Notice a chip or a crack? All types of windshield damage require quick repair, as a cracked or damaged windshield compromises the safety of the driver and passengers as the passenger airbag works with the windshield to go off properly and when you have a damaged windshield, this function doesn’t execute as intended risking the safety of your passenger.


Bonus: Don’t Tailgate

Tailgating a vehicle is not only unsafe, but it also increases the risk that your windshield will be damaged by rocks and debris. Tailgating a vehicle is also a great way to get your windshield sandblasted. If a vehicle you’re tailgating kicks up rocks on the roadway, it’s likely that those rocks will hit your vehicle rather than first hitting the ground and bouncing off elsewhere.


Tailgating is dangerous and can harm and even kill people

To put it another way, when you tailgate another car, you place your own and others’ lives in danger. In some states in the US, It’s illegal to tailgate other vehicles due to thousands of people dying every year from rear-end collisions.

Thanks for reading!

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