Auto Glass Repair in Winnipeg

Running on a busy schedule?

No problem! We value your time and repair most Windshield chips in under 30minutes.

Windshield Repairs

Contact us for a quote on your windshield chip, its best to get it done sooner than later before it turns into a big Windshield Replacement bill. We can also create and process your MPI Claim for stone chips.​

Auto Glass Repair in Winnipeg

Even the smallest chip can turn into a big problem.

We recommend getting windshield rockchips repaired right away as chips are known to crackout at any moment, mostly when you least expect it, leaving you with an expensive windshield replacement bill! Not only is it distracting and impairing your vision on the road but it also compromises the integrity of your windshield. Mobile service takes care of these chips while they are fresh, saving you time and money. 

As you prolong windshield repair not only are you at the risk of the chip extending into a crack and but the longer you wait the more visible the chip will be once the repair is complete, as over time the windshield chip will get contaminated by dirt and other debris

Windshield Replacement in Winnipeg